Home Banking Security Updates - NET Credit Union
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We are going through some upgrades to enhance the security of home banking. All home banking members will be required to re-enroll in MFA (multi-factor authentication) at their first login after the security update on May 21st, 2015. This process is exactly the same as what brand new members to the credit union will go through when they log in for the first time. Members will need to:

  1. Clear all session cookies from their device, not doing this could cause older site cookies to be used and generate some misleading displays or errors.
  2. Select a new image and passphrase; this can also be the same information that was previously entered
  3. Select 3 new questions in the drop downs provided. Members may see previously selected questions and they can be reused, with the same security answer.

Once the enrollment is completed, members will have bound their device to the database and normal log in processes will be used going forward.