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NET Credit Union (Net) created a Philanthropy Team in November and gave back in creative ways all month long in December to its local community, Lackawanna County residents both near and far! The Philanthropy Team is 8 employees from different positions within the credit union: accounting, member services, tellers, interns, lending, managers, marketing, etc., with one common goal: Let’s Best Use Net Resources to Benefit Our Local Community!

The problem, previous, was one marketing intelligence collected all donation requests and gave to some – with no rhyme or reason. This one intelligent marketing person was not only bombarded with mailed requests but additionally, staff had their own requests of where donations should be given. At the end of the day it was a confusing process and Net simply felt they weren’t impacting their local community as they hoped.

But by bringing a few employees together for 45 minutes, once a month everything changed, quickly. In December Net gave more than just money they had staff and member engagement as well!

The Philanthropy Team meets once a month and discusses all of the requests for donations that came to the credit union all month long – but there’s a twist team members also bring forward ideas of how they think Net can positively impact the community. Now it’s not only about sending money somewhere, but thoughtfully offering more resources than just dollar bills. Not to be confused we still had a similar amount of monetary donation per usual, but now we are tapping talents and ideas of our diversified team.

For the month of December, NET Credit Union gave back to their local community, Lackawanna County, in the following ways: (Check out the video for some pictures.)

  1. The Helen Tesluk Benefit, Monetary Donation
    Helen and her family bank with NET. She was diagnosed with cancer, to help her family afford her medical care they had a benefit show. We donated to ensure the event was a successful fundraiser.
  2. Queen of the Apostles Parish, Monetary Donation
    First Annual Queen of the Apostles Parish Pasta Dinner is being held. Members and volunteers of Net attend Queen of the Apostles and we wanted to ensure their first Pasta Dinner was a success. We have donated the menus which will be advertisements for the credit union.
  3. Valley View High School Beauty & the Beast, Monetary Donation
    We are sponsoring an ad in the booklet for the high school’s play: Beauty and the Beast. This high school is not only our neighbor, located .5 mile away from our Olyphant branch, but also a SEG Group (which we like to call a Preferred Partner). Member’s children will also be in the play.
  4. NAMI National Alliance on Mental Illness, Monetary Donation
    We are helping to stop the stigma by advocating for mental health. This chapter of NAMI is located right in our community and donations will help our neighbors.
  5. Head Start Coat Project 2015, Monetary Donation
    This is an annual project where Head Start purchases a coat for every single child attending the program. It’s phenomenal, and yet again local neighbors benefiting.
  6. Roba Family Farm, Purchased Trees
    We went to a local tree farm and surprised customers, our neighbors, by purchasing their Christmas Trees. It was fun to see the shock and we made a great video which we’ll be sharing Christmas morning on our Facebook page.
  7. Toys for Tots, Employees & Members Gave Boxes of Toys
    We collected Toys for Tots in the lobby of both branches. Employees were encouraged to bring in gifts and were rewarded with an UGLY CHRISTMAS Sweater contest as a dress down day (which are always in demand).
  8. Operation Cookie, Employees Baked Cookies which were Sent to Servicemen/women
    We collected baked and bought cookies along with letters to send to our local military that will be spending the holidays away from home. Employees which participated were able to dress down on Christmas Eve.
  9. Santa Visit Both Locations, Presents & Pictures
    We already had a beautiful Santa suit, so we invited Santa to both locations to sit by the tree and listen to our mini-members Christmas wish list. We’re no professionals, but we took pictures and had them printed for the families to pick up. Before the mini-member left, Santa picked a gift (gender neutral, of course) from underneath the tree for them to unwrap and take home.

We know Net’s Philanthropy Team will continue to create new ways to give back to its local community, because ultimately,  You can bank on Net!

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