Pre-Approved Members Receive Credit | NET Credit Union
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Scranton, PA August 6, 2018 – NET Credit Union members who are pre-approved for a first mortgage will now receive a $500 credit towards their closing cost. In just twenty minutes, members can find out their spending limit and the house buying search begins. The first mortgage pre-approval is just another free perk we offer to our membership.

NET Credit Union’s goal is to provide the highest level of service at competitive rates. When applying for a first mortgage, the member’s credit score plays a large toll. The higher the score the member has, the more money the member will save. NET Credit Union offers a free Credit Score Analysis program to all members. This program creates a plan on how the member can raise their score in preparation for their big purchase. This program has and will continue to help our members’ dreams of owning their own homes become realities.

NET Credit Union wants our members to know if they’re renting, they’re paying someone else’s mortgage.  Take the steps today to get pre-approved and you could be paying your own mortgage. . NET Credit Union is an equal housing lender.