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Scranton, PA March 9, 2020- Lauren Beppler, NET Credit Union’s Community Engagement Specialist, educated Scranton School District elementary students on personal finances. Fourth and fifth grade students enrolled in Frances Willard Elementary After School Program learned about the importance of budgeting and healthy spending habits.

Lauren Beppler, pictured above with Frances Willard students, divided the students into groups and played two games on budgeting, saving and healthy spending habits. The first activity focused on budgeting with a limited income. The students had to decide how and where they could spend their limited allowance.

The second activity focused on saving enough money to reach a specific goal. Working together, the students had to decide if the playing cards classified as a saving or spending habit. Both activities led to engagement conversations on both financial institution products and the importance of being wise with their money. The students enjoyed donuts after finishing both activities.

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