Account Security is Our Main Priority | NET Credit Union
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We value the health and safety of our members and employees. Now more than ever, your account security remains our main priority. We want our members to be extremely cautious of scammers and suspicious communication.

Until COVID-19 is over, you may receive suspicious phone calls, robo-calls, emails or text messages.  Do not provide any of your account information over these channels. If it feels suspicious, it probably is.


Phone Calls

NET Credit Union may contact you about your account, or your debit or credit card by phone. Especially if there is suspicious activity, and sometimes after normal business hours. We already have your account number and other data points, so we’ll ask you some questions to verify that we are speaking with the account carrier. However, we all know about suspicious callers trying to scam people out of their money. So, for your safety, if you feel uncomfortable or suspicious about any call, hang up and call us directly at 570-961-5300.



Phishing emails are the most popular way of trying to scam an individual. Do not click on any email that appears suspicious or unfamiliar to you, especially if they are asking for a username, password, payment or personal information. If the email appears suspicious, delete it. Scammers can make an email look relevant by a quick change to a name or logo that makes the email look legitimate. NET Credit Union will use email typically to communicate promotions, products or business updates. NET Credit Union will not ask for your account information via email.



Reset your passwords frequently. Do not reuse a previous password. Make sure they contain numbers, capital letters, special characters and are at least 8 characters long. Don’t just use “password” as your password. A good example is MousePad#6 or 27@StillGoing! (Don’t use those either!)



If a link is sent to you, hover over the link with your cursor and make sure it is secure. A secure link has https:// – the “s” stands for secure. If it says “Not Secure” at the top of the browser, do not provide any personal information, especially usernames, passwords, or payment information. NET Credit Union will place the links in our emails to landing pages on our website.


Working From Home

A large number of people across America are working remotely from home. Insure you are connected to a secure and private network such as your home internet. Connecting to a public network, for example, at a local coffee shop, places your personal information at a higher risk. Consult with your employer’s Information Technology Department for a safe method of communication and your internet provider at your home.


Scammers are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic. Be cautious and be alert. These scammers are using the fear of the pandemic to trick people into their trap. We are here to help. Together, we will get through this.