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 Scranton, PA April 30, 2020- Apply for a NET Credit Union auto loan from the convenience of your home.

Our auto loan application process is simple:

  • Apply here and take advantage of our low rates:
  • If approved, review and sign your documents digitally via your valid email address.
  • Stop by Drive-Thru to pick up your check and your $100 gift card (if eligible)!
  • Pick up your new ride!

Whatever the road ahead holds for you, we are here to help. Whether you are applying for a new car, used truck or looking to refinance, NET Credit Union offers competitive loan rates and flexible terms to meet all of your needs. Drive away happy knowing you made the right decision applying with NET Credit Union.


Questions about applying for an auto loan? Contact our Loan Department here:




A Credit Union is a place to do your banking – we do loans, have checking and savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages, and other banking items.  We are a not-for-profit cooperative financial institution, and operate like a bank except we don’t issue stock on Wall St. Since we don’t have to pay stockholders, we can use our income to provide lower loan rates, higher deposit rates, and do other things like reinvest in our community, give to charities, and keep our fees low for services. At NET Credit Union, we don’t have customers, we have members. Members have voting rights as to how the credit union operates. Our board of directors are volunteers – they don’t’ get paid to sit on the board. When you bank with NET, your money stays right here, local. There’s so much more you get when you bank on NET.