As Unemployment Rises, Scammers Do Too | NET Credit Union
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NET Credit Union values the safety and health of both our members and employees. As the pandemic continues, many Americans are still unemployed. With your plate already full, we want our members to be cautious of scammers. As unemployment rises, scammers are taking advantage of this time to fraud people out of their unemployment benefits.

Phishing Emails

Be cautious of opening and clicking emails that look unfamiliar. Scammers are sending emails that look like they are from the Department of Labor, the unemployment office or their financial institution. The emails all have a similar message, “We have discovered fraudulent attempts on your account. Please click here.” Do not click the message. If there were fraudulent information or attempts on your NET Credit Union account, debit or credit card, you would receive a phone call.

Targeting Unemployment Agencies

Scammers targeting unemployment agencies use detailed information like your Social Security Number or financial institution account number that they obtained from a previous cyber hack. When this information is obtained, they open fraudulent claims and collect unemployment benefits. Be cautious when applying for your unemployment benefits. Be sure the website you are entering your information is safe and secure.

Job Search Scams

Finding a new job is often stressful, especially during this time. Today, most people find jobs online through a website, agency or social media network. Cyber criminals attempt to position themselves as real employers, but they ask for personal information like your financial institution account number or a payment. When applying for a job online, be cautious of these signs:

  • If the job posting or ad uses phrases like: “Quick Money,” “Free to Work from Home” or “Unlimited Potential.”
  • If the recruiter or agency is pushing you to take the position.
  • The job posting or email has obvious spelling or grammatical errors.
  • The “company” email is from a popular internet service like Google.
  • The job description is vague.


To keep our members safe, we will inform you of any security information that we see valuable. If you feel like you received a suspicious email or phone call, please contact us at 570-961-5300.