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Two NET Employees Receive Promotions


Mileise AllegrucciScranton, PA October 15, 2020- Mileise Allegrucci has been promoted to Vice President of Member Experience. Mileise will oversee Marketing and Business Development, as well as Branch Operations. Since becoming an employee of NET Credit Union five years ago, Mileise has assisted with multiple projects to help the credit union succeed.



Marc MichalowskiMarc Michalowski has been promoted to Vice President of IS&T, Information Systems and Technology. Marc will manage the IT and the Back Office Departments. Marc’s experienced background in IT has helped NET Credit Union grow and develop.




Both Marc and Mileise have been charged with improving digital member touchpoints, internal and external efficiency of our new systems, product development, and front line operations to include the contact center.




A Credit Union is a place to do your banking. NET is a not-for-profit financial institution, and we operate like a bank except we don’t issue stock on Wall St. Since we don’t have to pay stockholders, we use our income to provide lower loan rates, higher deposit rates, reinvest in our community, give to charities (#netcares), and keep our fees low. Members can See Banking Clearly at NET Credit Union.  There’s so much more you get when you bank on NET.