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Starting on Tuesday May, 18th, you’ll be able to access Bill Pay right in Digital Banking! This new widget will allow you to make changes to current payees, add new payees, and eBills. You will also be able to view the history of your Bill Pay transactions moving forward.

Here is a walk-through of how to use our upgraded product!

To access Bill Pay, login to Digital Banking. Next, select the Bill Pay icon on the left hand menu bar. 
If you do not see Bill Pay on the left side menu, select the More Option and then select the Bill Pay Widget.


Bill pay widget Screenshot

Adding a Payee
Payees can be either a business or person. To add a payee, select either option.

Bill pay widget Screenshot
Business Payee
You must have all of the following information to add a business payee:
• Business Name
• Business Account Number (This is found on your statement/bill.)
• Business Billing Address
• Business Phone Number
Business Payee
Person Payee
When adding a person as a payee, you can choose from the following options on how you would like to send the funds:
• Check
• Electronic
• Email
Person Payee

Payees display on the Bill Pay Dashboard. You can always edit, add or delete payees.


Making a payment with our Bill Pay has never been easier. You can pay a bill now or schedule bills.
1. Select the payee.
2. Fill in the prompts.
3. Confirm payment.

To confirm the payment went through, select Payment History. You can edit the payments in the Payment History.
Please Note: If the payment processes, the member cannot delete nor stop the payment.
Scheduled Payment
Scheduled Payments have multiple options to schedule payments for both business and personal payees.

•One Time  •Weekly  •Bi-Weekly  •Every 4 Weeks  •Monthly  •Every Other Month  •Quarterly  •Every 6 Months  •Annually

Scheduled Payments Calendar

Pay Multiple Bills
You can pay multiple payments at once through MultiPay. Funds are typically withdrawn from the funding account the day of send on date.


If you have any questions or issues, please contact our Member Service Center at 570-961-5300 or info@netcreditunion.com