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As the use of technology increases, fraudulent acts continue to stay on the rise. Fraud artists attempt to capture personal information in multiple ways. One of the most popular forms of identity theft is vishing.


Identity Theft occurs when someone steals your information for personal gain. Unfortunately, identity theft can occur in many different aspects. One of the first and most popular forms of identity theft is vishing. Vishing is the fraudulent practice of making phone calls or leaving voice messages impersonating someone else to try to access your personal information.

Personal Information

Vishing occurs when a phone call or voicemail message is made impersonating someone else trying to access your personal information like social security number, bank information, credit card information, etc. Avoid sharing secure information over the phone with others. Vishing calls usually act as if they are calling from reputable companies or people to try to swindle you. Because these fraud artists act as if they are calling from a reputable source, they try to request personal information that is usually associated with that source.

 What To Do Next

If you feel like you might have received a vishing call or voicemail, simply hang up or contact the company or person they are claiming to be to confirm. If the company or person does not confirm the call or voicemail the fraud artist is claiming to be, then the call was probably fake.

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