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Banking With Benefits: Receive Cash Back On Qualified Purchases*

NET Credit Union continues to create products and services that fit the needs of all of our members. With a variety of products and services, we are confident that we are able to benefit all of your financial needs!

We currently offer multiple checking accounts to fit your banking needs. While the Share Draft Checking covers all of your basic checking needs, the Digital & Checking Plus Accounts offer a variety of benefits to even further assist your banking needs.

Below are just a few benefits* both the Digital & Checking Plus Accounts offer:

  • Higher Rates
  • Round-Up Feature on Debit Cards to Build Savings
  • 1% Cash Back on Eligible Debit Card Purchases


Digital and Checking Plus Account holders both receive 1% cash back on qualified debit card purchases. These account holders could receive up to $10 deposited in the saver accounts. The member will only receive this benefit if they meet the monthly account qualifications.

Swipe your debit card in store, shop online or link your debit card to your digital wallet to start receiving this cash back reward!

*Click here to learn more about other benefits you can earn as a Digital or Checking Plus Account holder.