NET Credit Union awards $5,000 in scholarships | NET Credit Union
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Scranton, PA Thursday, June 2, 2022- NET Credit Union awarded $5,000 in scholarships to two local recipients: a high school student and a college/trade school student. NET Credit Union believes in giving back to our community and in helping our members reach their goals. Each recipient receives a $2,500 scholarship. Scholarship requirements include:

  • Applicants must be a NET Credit Union members.
  • Must have proof of a B average or better and proof of attendance.
  • Must submit a 1,000 word essay with a cover page answering the question below:

Saving for the future isn’t always easy. School, rent, food and other life expenses can quickly take up majority of your budget. What are your savings goals? How are you planning to save for the future? Is there a product or service you’d wish NET Credit Union offered that could help you save better?

Alicia Farrell, our High School Scholarship Winner, is a senior at Abington Heights High School. She plans to study Biology at Elizabethtown College Honors Program in the fall.

Olivia Hudak, our College/Trade School Scholarship Winner, currently studies Pre-Law at The University of Scranton.

Pictured L to R: Clarence Baltrusaitis, CEO of NET Credit Union; Alicia Farrell, High School Scholarship Winner; Olivia Hudak, College/Trade School Scholarship Winner and Janelle Kaczmarek, CFO of NET Credit Union.


A Credit Union is a place to do your banking. NET is a not-for-profit financial institution, and we operate like a bank except we don’t issue stock on Wall St. Since we don’t have to pay stockholders, we use our income to provide lower loan rates, higher deposit rates, reinvest in our community, give to charities (#netcares), and keep our fees low. There’s so much more you get when you bank on NET.