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Paying Student Loans in Digital Banking

A Private Student Loan Solution

Sometimes Federal Student Aid is not enough to cover the entire cost of college. If you did not receive enough Federal Student Aid, NET’s Private Student Loans may be able to help fill the gap! There is no need to feel like you have to miss out on a college education due to lack of federal funding. Private student loans are a great way to continue your education worry free. 

With competitive rates and a convenient line of credit structure, NET’s private student lending solution is truly a better way to pay for college. You can even make your payments through Digital Banking!

Follow the steps below on how to make a student loan payment:

1. Login to Digital Banking: netcreditunion

2. Once logged in, the student loan appears on your Dashboard. Click Pay.

 click Pay

3. Select an account you would like to transfer a payment from to your student loan.

Select and transfer

4. If you would like to link an External Account to make a payment, click here to follow the steps.

Please contact our Member Service Center with any questions: