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NET Credit Union is continuing to evolve. 

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Logging Into Your NEW Enhanced Digital Banking. - June 1, 2020

We can’t wait for you to see your Enhanced Digital Banking experience tomorrow morning!
Get ready to login tomorrow morning after 9am!

Step 1: Open the NEW Enhanced Digital Banking Page

In our Main Menu under LOGIN, the “Online Banking” link has been replaced with “Digital Banking” and a space to enter your username.

Digital Banking Login

Step 2: Enter your Username

Once you are on the Online Banking Page you will enter your Username. This will be the same username as your old Online Banking username.

Log in Step 1

Step 3: Send Me A Temp Password

You will need to click “SEND ME A TEMP PASSWORD”. Your old Online Banking Password will not work. 

Step 3 Temp Password

Step 4: Read through Disclosure and click "I Agree"

You will need to click “I Agree” in order to move forward.

Step 3

Step 5: Confirm your Identity

Enter your identifying information.

Enter your Identifying Info

Step 6: Select where we should send your temporary password.

Choose between your email or phone number. 
(If you select email and do not see it in your inbox, be sure to check your spam folder)

Step 6

Step 7: Re-Enter your Username

You will be promoted to re-enter your username.

Step 8: Create your new password

Enter your new password. Be sure to have 8 characters including Uppercase, Lowercase, a number, and symbol.

This weekend we will be transitioning to our NEW Enhanced Digital Banking. - May 28, 2020

What this means for you:

You can continue to use debit cards, credit cards and ATMs through this weekend; but you will not be able to use branch services, nor access online, app or phone banking.

On the morning of June 2nd, you will be able to log into your new banking experience with your current username.  You can log in through our website, update app (iOS) or download app (Android). Phone Banking will require you to enter the last 4 of your social security number – then you will choose a new pin number. If you’re using Bill Pay, you will need to enter your current username and use the last 4 digits of your account number as your initial password – then you’ll be prompted to choose a new password. Please note, usernames will no longer be case-sensitive.

To ensure you’re ready for a smooth transition this weekend, please take action on the following steps asap:

  1. Update your email address and phone number in online banking.
  2. Mark your calendar and plan appropriately. NET Credit Union will be CLOSED May 30th -June 1st.
  3. Save your history, transactions, statements and other pertinent information you may need in the future.
  4. Make note: Bill Pay initial password is last 4 digits of your NET Credit Union account number & Phone Banking will require last 4 digits of SSN on initial call 570.961.5353.
  5. Download the newest version of Google Chrome Browser for accessing Online Digital Banking. Newest versions of Safari, Firefox & Microsoft Edge will also allow accessibility.
  6. Use an Apple iOS 7 iPhone Device (and earlier) or Android 5.0 (and earlier) for access to mobile app.

NEW Features for You with Digital Banking - May 11, 2020

Already using NET Credit Union’s app and online banking?  You are good to go! Your account will be accessible, as always on day one of launch (June 2nd, 2020). Not currently using the NET Credit Union app? Sign up now so you are ready for the new enhanced digital banking experience.

There are features in the new enhanced digital banking experience that you will be familiar with, but there are some new features which will make your digital banking experience more about you:

  • Budget & Savings Goals to stay on track. With these tools, you can categorize your spending and review your expenses. Manage your money – it is your financial foundation, now start planning to build something great for you and your family.
    View Image 1
  • Education & News to keep you informed. While you are reviewing your account details, take a moment and read articles as they pertain to your personal finance goals.  Maybe you are thinking about buying a home or financing a vehicle.  We want to educate you so you make the best financial decisions.
    View Image 2
  • Biometrics Authentication make accessing your account easier and more secure. Passwords have long been the reliable way to authenticate access to your account, but today’s devices have proven more secure access through facial or fingerprint recognition.  Depending on device, you can access your account by easily glancing at your camera or moving your finger for scan.
    View Image 3  View Image 4
  • Change Your Background to a view you want. Personalization is all around us, now you can personalize your experience by choosing a background you want. Choose your theme, and enjoy the view with every login.
    View Image 5

All these features will be available June 2nd when we launch our new enhanced digital banking. Are you not currently accessing your account digitally?

Are you ready for your new enhanced banking experience? - May 4, 2020


Do you know Kim Benjamin, Operations Manager & Marc Michalowski, Director of IS & T? Kim and Marc are leading the technology transition at NET Credit Union.  There are a few items they suggest you review in preparing for the enhancements.

Here’s your checklist:

  1. Update your email address and phone number. Please ensure your contact information is correct.  This is very easy, just login to your account and check your preferences.
  2. Mark your calendar and plan appropriately. NET Credit Union will be CLOSED May 30th -June 1st.  NET Credit Union banking services will be inaccessible (this includes branch drive-thru, online banking, phone banking and ATM) while we put the final touches on your new experience.  Debit Cards & ATM are accessible, but balances will not be accurate; in addition, there will be daily limits on the debit card ($1,500 at point of sale & $510 at ATM). We will close at 5:30pm on May 29th and quickly start moving all members accounts to the new enhanced banking experience.  We will be working diligently to introduce it to you on June 2nd at 9am.
  3. Save your history, transactions, statements and other pertinent information you may need in the future. The history of your transactions and accounts will not be in the new digital banking platform. Think about your taxes for 2020, will you need the statements saved?  Please print and save these details. History of your account in the new digital banking platform will begin on June 2nd.
  4. Allow a few extra minutes to setup your account after you login to the new digital banking if you plan to use Bill Pay. Bill Pay will need a new login. There is nothing to do now, but plan ahead to ensure your bills are paid on time.
  5. Download the latest version of Google Chrome Browser for best experience accessing Online Digital Banking. Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari will also work well when using the latest version. Internet Explorer 11 will have limited functionality.
  6. Use an Apple iOS 7 iPhone Device (and earlier) or Android 5.0 (and earlier) for access to mobile app. Older devices will not work. 

Do not worry; we are here to help you. Let us know if you have any questions.

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There is going to be a new look around here – and we cannot wait for you to see it!  The employees of NET are spending countless hours in training preparing for the launch this summer.

You will still have the features and benefits of digital banking that you are familiar with like viewing account balances, transferring money and paying your bills; but there is much more we are excited to share.  Please update your email address & phone number to ensure you are receiving communications and are ready for the launch this summer.­­*

We will be sharing the updates leading up to the launch via email and website. Look below to see a preview of the new experience for Account Overview mobile:

Mobile Account Overview Screenshot

*To update your email & phone: Login to Online Banking. Choose “Your Preferences” then “Contact Information.” Scroll down to left side of screen you can “Change Email.”

View article to see images

Conversion Letter - March 12, 2020


Dear Member,

I am excited to announce that NET Credit Union is continuing to evolve. This summer, we will launch a new operating platform as we are changing out our old hardware and software programs for a modern day system.

What will this mean for you?

  • If you Bank with NET online, you will see a big change, whether accessing from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.
  • The service level will improve. For example, we will offer the ability to pay your NET Credit Cardor other loans with ease – wherever and whenever you wish. We will also offer a free financial management tool – a one-stop spot to group all of your accounts, and get a clear picture ofyour financial wellness.
  • Our new system will also allow you to Bank easier at NET – it will provide us with much neededefficiencies, and the ability to create more products and services that our membership isdemanding.

This is a big deal!!! Our current system has been in-place since 1987!! Currently, we are training all of our staff on the operation of our new systems. We only ask for your patience as we undergo this metamorphosis.

Please be prepared for upgrade & follow us for updates:

  • Update your contact information, especially your email
  • Visit our website
  • Follow us on social media @netcreditunion

Thanks for being one of our almost 17,000 members.



Clarence Baltrusaitis, CEO

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