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Local People. Local Place.

At NET Credit Union, we’re rooting for you! Unlike a bank, we are here with you every step of the way to help you succeed. When you are contacting NET, you’re speaking with a local NET employee. 

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Unlike Your Bank…


“People helping people” is the credit union motto. Our #netcares team consists of multiple employees from different departments who work together to give back to our local community in various ways:

    • Monetary Donations
    • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Fundraising Efforts

    We're All Local!

    When you’re contacting NET, you’re speaking with a NET employee. Connect with NET in multiple channels:

    NET's Not For Profit!

    Our members see less fees and lower rates because they are all shareholders of NET Credit Union. All of the money that goes into NET Credit Union, goes back to our members.

    • For people, not profit
    • Service Driven
    • Decisions made with members in mind

    Products & Services are built for you!

    We’ve designed multiple checking accounts to fit your banking needs. 

    Share Draft is a basic checking account. Digital Checking and Checking Plus each have different benefits*.

    • Higher Rates
    • 1% Cash Back on eligible debit card purchases
    • Round-Up Feature on debit cards to build savings. 
    • Refunded ATM Fees

    Personalized Mortgage Services

    Finance the home of your dreams with help from our experienced mortgage department.


    • Local Decision
    • Fast Approval
    • First Time Home Buyer Program

    There's No Annual Fee on Credit Cards!

    Our cards are designed with contactless payments and the highest end security, so you can make your purchases with ease. You can even connect them to your digital wallet for a faster checkout experience.

    Our other credit card benefits include:

    • No transaction fee
    • No cash advance fee
    • No minimum interest charge
    • Easy ATM access for quick cash using your VISA card

    As you can see with all of the great membership benefits, our focus isn’t profit; it’s you!

    Join NET Credit Union and let us share these benefits of our credit union membership with you and your family.

    Unlike Your Bank Blog

    The #netcares Team

    At NET Credit Union, we’re rooting for you! Unlike a bank, we are here with you every step of the way to help you financially succeed. With all of our great membership benefits, our focus isn’t profit, it’s you. “People helping people” is the credit union motto. One...

    Bank From Anywhere

    with NET’s Digital Banking

    Direct Deposits

    Money could arrive in your account up to 2 Days Early** so you can enjoy spending your hard earned money when you’re ready.

    Remote Deposit

    Don’t waste your time stopping in the bank, drive-thru or ATM to deposit a check. Simply take a picture of your check to deposit it into your account via NET Credit Union Digital Banking mobile app.

    Online Bill Pay

    You could make bill payments and Loan payments online with NET’s Digital Banking. You could even set them up for automatic withdrawl so you never miss a payment!

    Transfer Funds

    NET’s Digital Banking makes it easy to transfer funds between all of your accounts. You could even link up with your bank accounts from other financial instutions for hassle free transfers.


    Categorize your spending in Digital Banking so you can be more efficient with making decisions about how, when and where to spend your money. The better you understand your spending, the easier it will be to save.

    Account Information

    Update your Personal Information in Digital Banking. Don’t waste time sitting on the phone – or stopping by, simply do it digitally when it’s convenient for you.

    Digital Banking makes it so you dont have to enter a branch. You can manage your finances from wherever you are!

    See More Digital Banking Features!

    Raise Your Score

    Credit Scores are very important to your personal finances.  Whether you’re borrowing for private student loans, a new auto loan, or a mortgage, NET can help make sure you’re getting the best rates possible by booting your credit score. The best part is that this can all be done digitally!

    Online Loan Applications

    Research and apply when it’s convenient for you – even if it’s in the middle of the night when you’re cozy in your pajamas. We’ll get back to you with an approval or denial – and may even be able to drop the funds right in your account.

    Auto Loans

    Purchase your new car without ever leaving your home! With the application and approval process being online, you have more time for you. You could even upload your insurance documents right through our website.

    Home Equities close quicker!

    If you provide your documents to us
    when requested, we may be able to
    close in 5 days! *** You’ll also have the opportunity to submit pictures of your home instead of waiting on an appraiser.


    You could buy your dream home without having to go to the bank. Applying for your Mortgage online leaves you more time to find your new home. Once you’re settled in, log in to check
    your account right on our website!

    So Many Ways to Pay

    When you have a checking account with NET, you have access to several different payment options!

    Reach Us

    Our headquarters are here in Scranton; but with our ATM network, digital banking and mobile app – we’re conveniently where you need us.
    119 Mulberry Street Scranton, PA 18503


    Please don’t send secure information

    Questions about our Products and Services?

    *Benefits & Rewards are only earned if qualifications are met on a monthly basis. If monthly qualification have been met, payments will be received at the end of each month.

    *Early access to direct deposit funds depends on the timing of the submission of the payment file from the payer. We generally make these funds available on the day the payment file is received, which may be up to 2 days earlier than the scheduled payment date. Subject to change at any time.

    ***Five (5) day timeframe begins the day we receive your completed application.   Closing delays may occur if:   Documents required for closing are not completed within timeframes established by the Credit Union, the property value cannot be readily determined,  events beyond the control of the Credit Union or the loan cannot be closed electronically.